Where’s The Consistency?

The Lone Cactus

Today I am going to credit one of the blogs I read on a regular basis. I don’t usually recommend blogs, but there are tons of great ones out there. This one is one of the best. Why do I say that? Well, because I really think it’s well researched, extremely well written, and the guy just makes sense every time out. OK, and there’s a secret reason for me too.

I like it when he posts memes. He does it every day.

I’m talking about “Freedom Is Just Another Word…” by a guy calling himself MaddMedic.

He posted this meme a while back, and it just says it all!

Now, the meme says it all. There is only about 30% of us that think the United States ought to be doing what Joe Biden has already said he’s going to do, which is send troops to Ukraine. It’s once…

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