The Anti-Freedom Tactics of Facebook (Twitter) + GO FUND ME Totally Exposed … Likened to Communist/Marxist Regimes Blocking Trucker Convoy Pages … GO TRUCKERS; TODAY’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

EACH and every day, in countless ways, so-called western elites (up and down the “chains of command”, be they politicos, media, corporate, academic, cultural, legal and related apparatchiks) expose their fascistic tendencies, come what may. As always, Facebook’s anti-freedom tendencies are in the forefront; followed on by Twitter and Silicon Valley-like illiberal social media giants. Inexorably, this writer knows its ins and out all too well. Second skin.

NOW that that has been established, it sets the stage for what can be rightfully coined this decade’s western “tsunami of all tsunamis” — Canada’s FREEDOM CONVOY(s) … GO TRUCKERS!!

PREVIOUSLY, Canada, of all places, would have been the unlikeliest western democratic address for this gargantuan event to originate. Having visited on several occasions over the years, its laid-back atmosphere had this writer convinced that nothing would have elicited such…

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