National Guard Terrorizes New Mexico School Children … What’s Going On??

Adina Kutnicki

011922 jw gov guard1.jpgBy Adina Kutnicki

ONE only has to look towards Canada — a heretofore considered loosey-goosey, live and let live liberal democracy — to realize that once the mask drops from an inner dictator, often posing as a leader with liberal tendencies, they will grab onto total power and control and violate every civilized democratic norm. In point of fact, fascistic Trudeau and his female counterpart, New Zealand’s Jucinda Arden, are prime exhibits. Of course, the entire criminal Biden regime is rife with the aforementioned ruling traits.

BUT nothing, absolutely nothing, means more to them than capturing the hearts and minds of the kiddies, come what may. It is many wet dreams in the making.

NATURALLY, the plandemic afforded the vehicle for deep-state actors — from every level of government, most jarringly, exposing dictatorial school boards, in league with radical left teachers’ unions, and complicit elected leadership — to grab…

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