Do Sanctions Matter?

The Lone Cactus

Do you think for a moment that Vladimir Putin is a stupid man? Megalomanic? Yes. Ego-centric? Most definitely. Passionate about bring back the Soviet Union? Of course! Stupid? No. Not in a million years. Vladimir Putin is also a fairly good reader of someone’s character. And he’s been in charge at the highest level for long enough to understand what his adversaries can and cannot do. So, do you think that Putin is upset that Germany and the United States have put the kybosh on Nord Stream 2 for the moment? Not even a shred.

Let’s look at what Putin has indeed been doing, shall we?

Putin has had this plan in place for years. He had the taking of Crimea in place for years as well. He was waiting for the right time, and the right people to be in place in the United States. He got that with…

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