Putin: Ukrainian Pedophiles Fleeing Ukraine for Neighboring Countries

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

WITH 24/7 news cycle propagandists fueling the Russian-Ukraine war, and, with it, a steady drumbeat emanating from deep state globalists pulling the strings in America (and throughout the so-called democratic west), it is no wonder that countless can’t separate fact from fiction. Indeed, a beyond mild assessment and descriptor.

TO said end, every now and again, along comes not only a voice of reason, but one whose moral rectitude is not driven by ill willed puppeteers — and then some. As such, it is more than advisable to absorb, yes, to imbibe, the following sobering analysis. Doing so, in no small measure, will dispel the fog of war.

MARK these words: History will prove their veracity.

BUT alongside the aforementioned truth-telling and wisdom, the following recaps serve as devastating indictments and backgrounders…

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