Iran fires missiles at Irbil US consulate; Tehran: ‘Secret Israeli bases’ targeted


No casualties after several projectiles fired toward building in Iraqi Kurdistan; Iran media claims without evidence that Israel operating sites there and they were target

ByAGENCIESToday, 2:52 amUpdated at 8:22 am

Illustrative: US Marines guard the Baghdad Embassy Compound in Iraq, Jan. 5, 2020. (US Marine Corps/Sgt. Kyle C. Talbot)

As many as 12 missiles were fired Sunday toward the US consulate in Iraq’s northern city of Irbil, with several missiles hitting the building, Iraqi and US security officials said.

Iranian state media agency IRNA, citing local reports, claimed without evidence that “secret Israeli bases” were targeted in the attack.

A US official said the missiles were launched from neighboring Iran.

Officials gave different accounts of damage. A US official said missiles hit the consulate, but a second American official later said there was no damage and no casualties at any US government facility.

Iraqi authorities said several…

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