‘Anti-Racist’ Amazon Is Selling #UKRAINE, Neo Nazi, #Azov Battalion Merchandise

The Mad Jewess

‘Anti-Racist’ Amazon Is Selling #UKRAINE, Neo Nazi, #Azov Battalion Merchandise

Its really amazing how much the Leftists whine and cry over arm chair nazis on forums but they totally support REAL live Nazi’s in Ukraine. That’s why I do not take ANY Leftist serious for the most part.. I’ll leave room for maybe 2-3 sane Leftists.

More over at Sputnik – A(zov)mazon: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Regiment-themed Merch Appears on US Online Retail Giant’s Site

Ukrainian nationalists and servicemen of the Azov battalion demonstrate in Kiev. File photo - Sputnik International

I sincerely hope that any Leftist supporting this chit ends up puking their guts out from the vax or whatever. Imagine supporting a regime that our Grandfathers FOUGHT AGAINST in WW2.Leftists are the most stupid people on the planet. Bless their rotten souls.


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