BlackRock CEO and WEF globalist Larry Fink says corporations must work harder to ‘force’ people to change behaviors

Our last two articles have attempted to peel back the layers of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its drive to usher in an all-new type of global society based on total information domination.

If they are successful, everything you do in life will be reduced to digital bits of storable data. That includes where and how you spend your money, where and how you travel or move about in society, your health and education records. In the name of privacy and security, you will hand all of this information over to them, you will own none of it and yet you will be happy, they said.

We’ve looked at the man Noah Yuval Harari, the chief philosophical adviser to the WEF, which has been working toward the attainment of a global surveillance society for 40 years under the direction of its founder Klaus Schwab. They hope to bring it…

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