Putin Frees 35,000 Imprisoned Children in Ukraine

Adina Kutnicki

.By Adina Kutnicki

ONE can detest Putin and the entire Russian regime (as opposed to its citizens) until the cows come home. It makes no difference at this end. It matters not a whit. But when it comes to the violation of the kiddies, hell hath no fury like this address. Look out.

NOW, unless one has been living in a cave or is afflicted with a comatose state, well, the deep state (and their elitist counterparts) is neck-deep in crimes against the children, as are countless western power brokers.

NOTHING new under the sun.

BUT to save the kiddies, Trump and Putin have come to a “meeting of the minds”, so to speak. See here, here, here, and here.

HOLD on…

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