Israel’s coalition loses majority as Yamina MK Silman quits government …. Faster, Faster ….

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

AS is known to readers of this site and throughout various channels within Israel, it is hardly a secret that this investigative journalist (living in Israel) has been waiting for Israel’s sleigh-of-hand government to fall. Topple.

THIS is so because both the secular and religious Zionist right wing, the majority within Israel, ushered in PM Bennett via so-called nationalist underpinnings, leanings and promises — only to realize, to their utter horror, that he sold out the Zionist dream to a devilish “arrangement” between the hard left (under Yair Lapid) and the most rabid Islamic Party in Israel (fronted by Mansour Abbas), yes, the Muslim Brotherhood Branch embedded within the Jewish homeland! Indeed, this is a deceit that only a megalomaniac — hell-bent on becoming PM — would conceive and feign that it is kosher!


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