Appeasement will not work – Israel National News, By Adina Kutnicki 

Adina Kutnicki


Appeasement begets terrorism; begets the license to kill, and begets abject humiliation from the intended target. Cause and effect. Israel National News 

While this analysis zeros in on the catastrophic failure(s) of the dangerous triad at Israel’s helm, namely, the Bennett’s need to deal with Lapid-Abbas arrangements, it is no less the case vis-à-vis the so-called guardians of democracy in D.C., in reality, the criminal, deep state ruling America; the heretofore birthplace and bastion of freedom and liberty.

In fact, little is more emblematic of today’s opening paragraph and salvo than the outright domestic terrorism which upended the U.S. throughout the summer of 2020. No doubt, it continues until this day. City after city resemble war zones – as criminals rule the streets and countless are dying as a knock-on-effect to the expected breakdown of law and order. Incontestably, a revolving door…

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