CNN+ Dying On The Vine

The Lone Cactus

One of the things former CNN head, Jeff Zucker dreamed up and put out there before his quick departure earlier this year was CNN+. It was going to pump CNN out to the internet in a way much like Fox News had already done with Fox Nation. In fact, Zucker was so sure this was going to be a huge hit, he talked former Fox News Sunday host, Chris Wallace into leaving Fox News and coming over to CNN. But Wallace wouldn’t be on the “big channel”. Instead, he’d be featured on the internet feed.

Uh, Chris Wallace isn’t happy today.

It was reported last week that CNN+ only has about 10,000 daily users. For something that took a quarter of a billion dollars to set up, this has been a terrible blow to the once powerful cable news channel.

Let me put it another way. When I was working…

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