Putin Finds Mass Grave of Child Trafficking Victims

Adina Kutnicki

Putin Demands That West Provide Russia With Security Guarantees  'Immediately'

By Adina Kutnicki

BY now, the evidence against Zelensky’s criminal regime — aided and abetted by the U.S. deep state and associated globalist power brokers — is bullet proof.

SIMPLY put, the players are hell-bent on ushering in the Great Reset; amply described within The Serial Killers Of The Great Reset. It underlies the evils of child (human) trafficking. It is beyond massive in scope. And regardless how many times, and ways, the Mockingbird Media attempts to paint a halo around Zelensky’s head, well,

AS such, it is no longer tenable to pretend that what is isn’t — that Biden’s regime comprises the good guys, that is, in support of Ukrainian…

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