Trump grand jury ending in N.Y. with no charges against ex-president | Often Investigated, Nothing Found

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NEW YORK — A six-month grand jury that was convened late last year to hear evidence against Donald Trump was set to expire this week, closing a chapter in a lengthy criminal investigation that appears to be fizzling out without charges against the former president, people familiar with matter said.

Trump grand jury ending in N.Y. with no charges against ex-president

Trump must be the most investigated person on the planet. Democrats/Left/One-Worlders hate him.

It’s been one fishing expedition after another because they believe everyone has a skeleton in the closet. Why do they believe that? Because they do.

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New York grand jury fishing expedition into Trump’s businesses ending without charges

JAZZ SHAWApr 30, 2022 4:01 PM ET


AP Photo/Chris Seward

Last year, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance convened a grand jury to investigate the business dealings of Donald Trump and his family in New York City. This was likely done largely at the bidding of then-Mayor Bill de Blasio who had vowed to “run Donald Trump out of town.” He was also likely spurred on by state District Attorney Letitia James who has been running her own series of fishing expeditions into Trump’s affairs. Vance was replaced this year by the new, infamously soft-on-crime Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, who took over the investigation. Now, with more than six months invested in this effort and countless witnesses and documents having been examined, the grand jury isreportedly about to be dismissed. And it appears that…

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30 Days in 30 Days

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Ink, Yarn & Beer

Awhile back, I started a 30-Day drawing challenge. The goal: Create 30 small drawings, value studies, to see shape, value, and ultimately a focal point for a painting. The last means thinking about how you want to lead the viewer into the picture and keep him there – it’s a compositional element I am still learning to implement. I have benefited in the arena of shape and value, so now the focal point is becoming another element to work on.

But, I blither. Here are the 30 pictures.

Today is the last of the Zoom meetings until the next class begins. I have already enrolled in it, so expect to see a few things as time goes by.

You can see more of my artwork, if you are interested, at Journey By Paper.

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Ministry of Truth – The Tentacles of Tyranny

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© May 1, 2022

Unless you live under a Sheeple rock you must conclude the EO created (meaning no constitutionally Congressional authorization!) Disinformation Governance Board – aka Biden’s Ministry of Truth – is a dictatorship ploy to tell how YOU how to think and believe. Which translates as Dem-Marxists determine what is truth and what is a lie regardless of actual facts or opinions based on facts.

The question becomes: When will Americans begin to rise up against the Dem-Marxist increasingly unmasked assault on Liberty?

I begin with Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton discussing the Ministry of Truth on a Rumble video. Then the American Thinker examines the Ministry of Truth tyrannical aspects and the Canada Free Press focusses on the Ministry of Truth’s female-Goebbels in Nina Jankowicz.

JRH 5/1/22

I need your generosity. PLEASE GIVE to overcome research expenses:

Please Support…

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Winning In Ukraine: Russia Raises Victory Flag In City Of Melitopol As The Ukraine Parliament Posts Video Game “Win” For Ukraine On Twitter.

The Mad Jewess

Winning In Ukraine: Russia Raises Victory Flag In City The Of Melitopol As The Ukraine Parliament Posts Video Game “Win” For Ukraine On Twitter.

Here is the victory flag being raised in Melitopol: On INTEL SLAVA

Here is the fake news ‘win’ for the stupid Ukrainian Parliament: @ INTEL SLAVA

I wrote this a week ago: Western Media: “Russia Losing Propaganda War”. What Matters Is NOT Propaganda, What Matters Is WINNING The War, You Idiots

The media lies and is dumb as chit.

Reminds me of the old cartoon. Lol.

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Poem I Wrote In 2011: “Before Kool-Aid Meant Crazy”

The Mad Jewess

Poem I Wrote In 2011: “Before Kool-Aid Meant Crazy”

By: The Mad Jewess, P. AsheDina, C. 9/10/11

Before Kool-aid meant crazy and the world was sane..

We dressed immaculate, watching ‘Singin in the rain’

There was no right, there was no left, there were only patriots, with their hearts in check.

We worked together, we got through it all..

Did we ever realize, how great would be our fall?

What happened to my country, I ask everyday..

Where treachery and traitors lead a nation astray.

Violent language aimed at citizens

Criminals jumping our borders in unison.

They have help from our government, whomwepay..

The liars who throw our votes away.

We fought for more – than other nations combined..

How could Americans become so blind?

What happened that made us…spoiled-rotten brats?

Entitlement slobs called Democrats.

You will tell me “What about the GOP?”

They are treacherous, also…

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Oversight of the Dept. of Homeland Security: The Situation on the US Border Poses a National Security Risk- US Congresswoman Spartz

Mining Awareness +

Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security
The Situation on the Border Poses a National Security Risk

April 28, 2022
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Victoria Spartz questioned Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, during a Judiciary Committee hearing conducting oversight of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rep. Spartz voiced her concerns about the ongoing and growing security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border and the Biden Administration’s failure to confront this issue in an efficient and results-driven manner.
View the full exchange between Rep. Spartz and Secretary Mayorkas by clicking here: “Rep  Victoria Spartz Questions DHS Sec. Mayorkas”

Rep. Spartz made it clear to the DHS Secretary that, in her numerous trips to the border, she has personally spoken to the men and women on the frontlines who have expressed “frustration at the status quo” and that such have impacted morale among Border Patrol…

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