Is This Trump’s “Big Month”?

The Lone Cactus

It’s much too early for anyone to be actually declaring themselves a presidential candidate for 2024, unless they are totally unknown and need the time to spend eons in Iowa and New Hampshire. But for people like Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, probably two leading contenders in their party at this point, it’s way too early. That doesn’t mean that the pundits and talking heads out there in TV land aren’t awash with primaries in the month of May, and what it all means.

Does it really mean anything if Trump’s endorsements win or lose?

It might, or it might not. Frankly, I’ve never given much thought to endorsements. Why would I care if someone else wants to vote for a particular candidate or not? Am I smart enough to do my own due diligence? Can I assess what my feelings are and how they match up best with the…

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