(Israel’s) Bereaved families return offensive gifts to Defense Minister’s house … A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Adina Kutnicki

returning the clocksBy Adina Kutnicki

MANY find it hard to believe — let alone, to digest — that Benny Gantz, Israel’s Defense Minister, is more in sync with the “sensitivities” and strategic interests of the increasingly hostile Arab minority, incontestably, at the expense of the Jewish majority. Never mind his pithy comments otherwise. Lies and more lies.

AT this end, in general, it is par for the course for the political echelon (many of whom hail from top military positions and turn left-ward for political gain, that is, to curry favor with well-funded foreign NGO’s seeking to overturn Israel’s Jewish national roots) to degrade Jewish interests through incremental changes. Step-by-step.

INDEED, The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Vote Right, Get Left tells the (insidious) tale. Mind you, all of which is in direct violation of title to the historical, biblical, and legal  homeland of the Jewish people.

AS per Gantz’s betrayals, well…

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