The DeSantis affair: The disgraceful politization of Jewish institutions

Adina Kutnicki

[Editorial Comments By Adina Kutnicki ]

OVER the years, countless (Christian Zionists, for the most part, as well as others from various backgrounds, albeit, to a lesser degree) have come away befuddled — regarding the counter-intuitive, knee-jerk responses of Jewish communal organizations, in their support of radical leftist causes.

MOST tellingly, these well-meaning folks are left scratching their heads, as per the “religious” belief in all matters Democrat Party based, as if divined from Moses on Mount Sinai —  in juxtaposition to their overt hostility towards Israel, and, with it, laced with anti-semitic undertones. A hidden hand. Yes, this is not yesteryear’s liberal party platform. Affiliation.

INEXORABLY, these communal orgs wouldn’t exist (flourish, let alone), that is, sans mega Jewish donors, in concert, with Dem-backed (“dark money”) mischief makers. Which begs the most glaring dichotomy and paradox of all: Why would a preponderance of, seemingly educated, Jews turn…

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