Racist Loony Tune Karine Jean-Pierre Arrives As Joe Biden’s News Press Secretary!

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MAY 10, 2022 BY JOHN HINDERAKER at PowerLine:


We notedherethat Joe Biden’s new Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, peddles disinformation in the form of a (false) stolen election conspiracy theory. Is that OK now? It’s all so confusing!

Today welearnedthat in 2020, Jean-Pierre described the Fox News Channel as racist:

“[Fox News] was racist before coronavirus, they are racist during the coronavirus, Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus,” Jean-Pierre said during a March 15 appearance on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

Fox News is the only major White House press organization that can be said to lean to the right. All of the other major organizations that are members of the White House press corps are reliable mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. So Fox speaks for, in effect, around one-half of the American people.

One might think that the job…

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Is The Left Over-Reacting To Supreme Court Leak?


The Lone Cactus

My initial hunch is of course they are. Anytime they are seeing anything that could even be construed as limiting abortion, they go bat-crazy. And so, it’s to be expected that Democrats are going to try and do everything in their power to keep that. The problem is very simple.

There isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.

The Supreme Court is the last stop on the railroad. There is no way to change what the court has said unless a future court decides to do what this one did, which was actually rectify a poor decision that was made under pressure from liberal women back in 1973. But we have to be very clear about what is and what isn’t happening. The Supreme Court is NOT over-turning Roe v. Wade per se.

What the Supreme Court is doing, IF what everyone has read by now in the…

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boudica us Published May 11, 2022

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‘2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Yesterday I posted an excellent audio Bitchute version of 2000 Mules largely because I heard Rumble was experiencing a digital attack over 2000 Mules. Today I discovered The Patriot Post addresses the Dem-Marxist fears behind their blackout censoring and Internet attacks on 2000 Mules under the title, “2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See.”

JRH 5/10/22

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‘2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See

A new film makes a compelling case that the 2020 election wasn’t “the most secure election in history.”

2000 Mules – TPP Photo


MAY 10, 2022

The Patriot Post

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RADIATION WARNINGS IN AMERICA. Plus TV “Emergency Alerts” The Govt Used To Sound Off In The 70’s

The Mad Jewess

RADIATION WARNINGS IN AMERICA. Plus TV “Stand By” Alerts The Govt Used To Sound Off In The 70’s

Last night, David was watching TV and there it was… The ’emergency sound alert’ we used to hear so often in the 1970’s. This is what the alert sounded like:

A mall in Maryland has posted warning signs regarding ‘what to do’ in a nuclear event. I have no idea of how many other malls or towns have this sign. But, be on the lookout. Our government is hellbent on getting the WHOLE WORLD into a nuclear war.

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52 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now:

The Mad Jewess

52 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now:

I’ve never heard of anything like this. Volcanoes – 52 are erupting right now. If this keeps up, we won’t need nuclear bombs because the gases from Volcanoes will make everyone sick in due time.

Revelation 8:8

The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood.

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God Is Hearing Our Prayers: META/Facebook Being Sued By Facebook Moderator For Human Trafficking. DIE Facebook!

The Mad Jewess

God Is Hearing Our Prayers: META/Facebook Being Sued By Facebook Moderator For Human Trafficking. DIE Facebook!

I have told a couple of people I know that the Lord put it on my heart to pray for the destruction of the Media, Twitter and Facebook & HE would do it! Those people just laughed and acted like I/we/you are arrogant.But, it’s happening! May take some time, but – by God, it’s happening! Facebook moderator sues company over ‘human trafficking’


Former Facebook moderator Daniel Motaung has sued the social media giant’s parent company Meta and its African subcontractor Sama, alleging in the suit filed on Tuesday that the company “subjected current and former content moderators to forced labor and human trafficking for labor.

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boudica us Published May 10,2022

Max Igan