‘2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See full documentary (Video)

2000 Mules full documentary

‘2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See

A new film makes a compelling case that the 2020 election wasn’t “the most secure election in history.”
Dinesh D’Souza



boudica us Published May 11, 2022

Max Igan


CORRUPTION? Ron Paul Liberty Report (Video)


boudica us Published May 10, 2022



WHO World Governance?

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© May 11, 2022

There is some news that has been transpiring for quite a while that the Globalist Dem-Marxist MSM mouthpieces have failed to report to Americans. NAMELY THIS: The World Health Organization (WHO) has been maneuvering nations across the globe to give up national sovereignty to WHO global governance in the name managing diseasing regardless of National laws in Representative governments.

EVEN MORE HORRIFIC to American Sovereignty, the FRAUDULENTLY elected Biden who seized power in the 2020 Election Coup is promoting WHO global governance!

Judi McLeod of the Canada Free Press and Dr. Joseph Mercola examine the details of this SNEAKY-stealth path to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT rendering our already decimated U.S. Constitution even more worthless to protect Individual Liberty/

[The Mercola post uses a Corbett Report that is lengthy because it includes actual public venue testimony under the management of the WHO…

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The American Lampoonist’s Latest RINO Flag:

The Mad Jewess

The American Lampoonist’s Latest RINO Flag:

A new post by our friend, The American Lampoonist:

Huckabee the Hippo Endorses Mealy-Mouthed Mexophile Jeb Bush for President.  Jebby is the Son-of-a-Bush the who said “the Republican party will never win another election as the White Guy’s Party.”

The rest: Click to read

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Billie Burke O’Reilly’s Fairy Factor

The Mad Jewess

Billie Burke O’Reilly’s Fairy Factor

O’Reilly, last night – was bitchin’ about Putin’s anti-militant homosexual laws in Russia.  #1. It’s none of our business what laws they have.   #2. Putin does not want militant homosexuals depraving his society.   Russia has already ‘been there, done that’ with Communism, propaganda and depravity.  Homosexuals in Russia live just fine.  NO leftist, pro-homosexual propaganda is allowed.   You know what the deal is with O’Reilly?  He’s just jealous of Putin.  He is.  Because here is the bottom line with Russia:  It’s an ‘up n comer’ in nation status while the USA is in freefall.  Thanks to fruitcakes like O’Reilly who enable this bottom feeder, 3rd world craphole we’re becoming with his love for illegal aliens and militant homosexuals.

Here is my 2 cents re. O’Reilly’s gasbaggery:

A home decor collage from November 2013

Here is another funny by a blog buddy: iowntheworld

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#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

The Mad Jewess

#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

I certainly would not vote for this witch had this happened to me when I called for help from my ‘friend’, Hillary Clinton.  But, I dont like to be screwed over..

HOWEVER: It’s something to pause and think about.  Most of the Communist “Liberal” pundits are saying that it’s all Steven’s fault he got himself murdered.   While all of this is possible, (because we were in a place we should not have been in because of Obama/Hillary & the left would never bring THAT issue up)   Why did he call for help if he was responsible for his own murder? C.S. pleaded for help .

Hillary is said to have been chummy with Stevens. 

A home decor collage from November 2013

Anyway: This is what I believe-Stevens was a Communist.  So, it was for the cause. He would have…

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History Will Record That 1 Of The First Voices Calling For Obama’s Impeachment Is a JEW (Nat Hentoff)

The Mad Jewess

History Will Record That 1 Of The First Voices Calling For Obama’s Impeachment Is a JEW (Nat Hentoff)

FINALLY.   Yes, there have been some voices calling for O’s impeachment but a former leftist JEW that has written for many of the leading newspapers is doing what is right. Baruch HaShem.

Former lefty Jew calls for Obama’s impeachment.  Well, this made my day.  Nope, it does not matter what his ‘agenda’ is.  He is smart enough to know that this sonofab’tch needs to go.  Usually, liberal Jews make me want to puke and depress the hell out of me.  I am sure, though, that many stupid “Jews” will be castrating this man by this evening…

Nat Hentoff was born in BostonMassachusetts, the son of Lena (Katzenberg) and Simon Hentoff.  Hentoff is known as a civil libertarianfree speech activist, anti-death penalty advocate, anti-abortion advocate

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Arizona Bill: Religious People Can Refuse To Marry Or Give Service To “Gays” Or Others

The Mad Jewess

Arizona Bill: Religious People Can Refuse To Marry Or Give Service To “Gays” Or Others

Homosexuals know that religious people do want to marry them or even have anything to do with them, so why push them into something they are against?   If homosexuals want people to like them, they should not force themselves all over the place.  I have friends that are homosexual, we dont even talk about what they do because I dont give a rats ass.  That’s between you and the creator.  I can disagree with it and I do.   But ultimately, all people/s will answer to God. 


PHOENIX — An Arizona Senate committee gave initial approval Thursday to a bill allowing people to claim that their religious beliefs led them to refuse service to gays or others.  The bill pushed by Republican Sen. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler, is a new version of a measure…

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2 School Shootings In 7 Days. Obama’s Communist Gun Grab: 1991 Book Predicted School Shootings

The Mad Jewess

2 School Shootings In 2 Days.  Obama & His Communist Gun Grab

A 1991 book predicted that there would be shootings in schools to strike fear into the people so they’ll willingly give up their guns.   This is now 3 shootings in less than 7 days.    YOU can believe that this is ‘just happening’, but I do not.   AND, these shootings (false flag events) are just going to encourage me to buy more ammunition.   Obama’s robots will be screaming “GUN CONTROL, NRA!!”  Even though the NRA, (founded in 1871) has zero to do with it.    However, they prove my point re. gun-control because they ALWAYS go after law-abiding gun owners.    At any rate, Communist (Liberals) have a 100 plus year history of terrorism: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS (Truth by Nutty Jeff Rense)


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