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boudica001 Published May 12, 2022



Jobs Numbers Are Out. It’s Who You Believe That Determines How Good They Are

The Lone Cactus

The good news for the economy is that there were 428,000 “new” jobs added to the economy in the month of April. The “experts” said it would be about 300,000, so the good news is, the economy added more jobs than was predicted. The jobless rate held steady at 3.6%, which is still 0.1% above where it was before the whole COVID thing hit back in February/March of 2020.

The thing that you won’t hear Joe Biden or the administration or the talking heads on the snowflake news channels say is, there were 4 MILLION Americans that have quit their jobs this year without going to a new job.

My question is why?

Obviously, when you add jobs to the economy it’s good because people are earning money, they’ve gotten off the couch, they’re contributing to society. That’s good for the country, regardless what side of the political spectrum you’re…

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boudica001 Published May 12, 2022

My Van Gogh Inspired Animals For My Blog Friend & A Christian Prophet/Prophetic Person, Tim Shey

The Mad Jewess

Tim Shey showed me that Vincent Van Gogh, (the artist) was mocked and ridiculed when he was alive. He was also Christian. Which is why (no doubt) he was humiliated by the people of his time.Tim told me that Van Gogh is one of his favorite artists. So, I digitized these for you, Tim.

Tim has been a blog friend of ours for 12 years at least. He used to hitchhike across America, spending time with the Lord and witnessing to people from all around the United States. His prophetic dreams can be read here: Dreams from theLORD

Tim is very spiritual and has wonderful testimonies. He also has books you can purchase on amazon if you wish: Tim Shey’s bio on Amazon

For Tim 🙂 The Lord wanted me to feature you, brother.

Here’s a Mvnch inspired kitty I tossed in 🙂

Thanks for being there for us…

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The LORD YOUR God Is Smiting The EVIL Western World: Ruble Named World’s Best-Performing Currency

The Mad Jewess

The LORD YOUR God Is Smiting The EVIL Western World: Ruble Named World’s Best-Performing Currency

Repent West, Repent Europe. Repent godless, Pedo-loving, Homosexual-deviant, baby-murdering, God-hating USSA. The LORD your God is humiliating you in front of the whole world. Call everyone “Russian trolls” to your leisure. You cannot stop theFACT thatGod is smiting us–bigly.


The Russian ruble has eclipsed 31 major currencies in growth since the start of 2022, becoming the globe’s best-performing currency, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. According to the publication, the ruble has strengthened against the US dollar by more than 11% since the beginning of the year. On the international currency market, the ruble exchange rate has shown even greater growth of about 12% so far.

Like it or not, folks… Russia is burying the Western world: Business Insider via Bloomberg.Hat tip:captain_jonas

Meanwhile…..Enjoy our gas prices…Stupid neo-con and Left-wing…

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Time running out to stop Biden’s plot to secretly undermine U.S. national sovereignty: But here’s one thing you can do now

The fact that the European Union has theDigital Services Actand the U.K. has proposed anOnline Safety Billare among the latest evidence that it was not mere coincidence that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently decided to create a Disinformation Governance Board.

This is all tied in together, along with the sneaky ploy by the Biden administration to create an all-powerful United Nations World Health Organization, which we were among the first to report back on April 24.

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The death of an antisemitic journalist – what’s the story?

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

LIKE clock-work …. like Pavlov’s dogs, too ….. leave it to Israel’s politicos and media mouthpieces to beat their breasts, in uniform-like drum-beats, over battlefield casualties. Mind you, while the rest of the world rushes to indict Israel over a so-called casualty at a hotter than hot war-zone  — with more evidence pointing towards a misfiring by PA jihadists, in the mistaken belief that an IDF soldier was in their gun-sights  — it matters not a whit to the leftist, Arabist-driven, Israeli brayers and hissers. As to worldwide jackals, well,

NOT only that, ask yourselves: Why won’t the PA terror junta allow for a joint investigation, as per what REALLY went down re the latest “martyr” in the propaganda war against…

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