Might The Jab be a WEF Tracker?

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© May 15, 2022

The online alternative news site THE EXPOSÉ posted an article (https://expose-news.com/2022/05/15/vaccinated-people-emitting-mac-addresses/) with a sure to controversial video which I am uploading to my Bitchute Channel. The original video title is “corona2inspect-asuntomac-en” but I’m changing the title to reflect THE EXPOSÉ article: “Vaccinated People Emitting MAC Addresses; What’s Causing This Phenomenon?

Controversy lay in the suggestion the mRNA experimental Jab contains a nano substance that is WIFI compatible. If you do a search on any Search Engine (from the top Leftist engine [e.g., Google] to some of the so-called neutral Search Engines), you will quickly run into a majority of citings the mRNA jabs have no graphene oxide in it according to the revelation of Spanish researcher.

AND YET interestingly, a version of graphene from late 2021 through early 2022 is now being touted as a…

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