Joe Biden to redeploy U.S. ground troops to Somalia, undoing Donald Trump’s effort to end ‘forever wars’


Joe Biden to redeploy U.S. ground troops to Somalia, undoing Donald Trump’s effort to end ‘forever wars’

Joe Biden secretly ordered several hundred U.S. ground forces back to the hellhole that is Somalia earlier this month, the New York Times reported Monday. Biden’s order reveres the pull-out of U.S.…

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boudica001 Published May 16, 2022


Max Igan


In America…………and here we are!!!!

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

This didn’t just suddenly get indoctrinated into our lives, it was gradual. It was worked through our schools and with liberal socialistic professors who want you to believe knows what is best for you. It got indoctrinated by people like Hillary Clinton who flat out told us she knew what was best for us.

Take a good look at the jack ass in the White House now, yeah Joe Biden that never accomplished a damn thing in 50 years in Congress. The PRESIDENCY? ARE WE F—ING NUTS? This moron lectures us every time he is behind a podium. Yes him, the dumbest human to ever hold the office of President of the United States. Jimmy Carter and George Bush were genius’ compared to this idiot.

I know a lot of people that would make a better president than Biden. A LOT OF PEOPLE! Most never even held office. I’d throw…

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HUGE: Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Is A “Direct Response” To ‘2000 MULES’ Investigation And Whistleblower Interview

Flurry of Thoughts

Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” documentary exposed massive evidence of illegal ballot trafficking during the 2020 Presidential Election in key swing states nationwide, and law enforcement is now investigating these crimes in Arizona.  According to Dinesh, “2000 Mules” is the most successful political documentary in a decade with over $10 million in revenue! The Gateway Pundit…

Source: HUGE: Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Is A “Direct Response” To ‘2000 MULES’ Investigation And Whistleblower Interview

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Is Big Tech About To Go Bust?

The Lone Cactus

You might as well call it death by a thousand paper cuts. That’s basically what is happening. In case you’ve missed it, even though Congress has had a multitude of hearings over the past few years on whether to regulate Big Tech or not, nothing has happened. Of course, not much has happened in this Congress at all. But still, Big Tech has managed to kick the ball further down the road, and it could end up costing them billions.

There are currently 18 states, all Republican led, that are considering bills that basically say that if Big Tech silences one of their state’s residents’ freedom of speech, then that person has the right to sue that company in state court. That eliminates a LOT of problems for the consumer because typically those battles would be waged in Federal Courts. And Federal Courts cost a bundle more than state courts…

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Gantz says Iran installing 1,000 advanced centrifuges, including at new Natanz site


Defense minister warns cost of dealing with Iran will be higher in a year; warns Tehran against transfer of advanced weapons to proxies; says Israel’s position on Ukraine ‘ethical’

By EMANUEL FABIAN Today, 11:06 am  

In this June 6, 2018, frame grab from Islamic Republic Iran Broadcasting, IRIB, state-run TV, three versions of domestically built centrifuges are shown in a live TV program from Natanz, an Iranian uranium enrichment plant, in Iran. (IRIB via AP)

Defense Minister Benny Gantz claimed on Tuesday that Iran was working to finish the production and installation of 1,000 advanced centrifuges enriching uranium, including at a new underground site at the Natanz nuclear facility.

“Iran continues to accumulate irreversible knowledge and experience in the development, research, production, and operation of advanced centrifuges. It stands just a few weeks away from obtaining fissile material needed for a first bomb,” Gantz said during an Institute for National…

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COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche Of Neurological Diseases

The NeoConservative Christian Right

COVID Jab Vial AFLDS Photo (From AFLDS post 11/2021)

Here’s a quote of the first paragraph of a Great Game India article entitled, “COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche Of Neurological Diseases”:

Citing several studies, Stephanie Seneff claims COVID vaccines may bring on an avalanche of neurological diseases and says the vaccine may be worse than the disease itself.”

If you have been attention to the massive coverup of truth/facts being called lies, you can join me and respond with a resounding – “DUH!”

If one you are one of the way-too-many Sheeple believing the lies told by control-freak Globalist Science liars whose ONLY agenda is to shove some kind of psycho Fascist-Marxist transformed New World Order down your throat – “WAKE UP!”

AND NOW THE ARTICLE on Jab problems.

JRH 5/16/22

READER SUPPORTED! I need Readers willing to chip in $5 – $10 – $25…

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Buffalo ‘Shooter’, #PaytonGendron Used Azov Battalion NeoNazi “Black Sun” On His “Manifesto”. U.S. Leftists Support Neo Nazis In Ukraine. Payton Should Be THEIR Hero

The Mad Jewess

Buffalo ‘Shooter’, #PaytonGendron Used Azov Battalion NeoNazi “Black Sun” On His “Manifesto”. U.S. Leftists Support Neo Nazis In Ukraine. Payton Should Be THEIR Hero

American LEFTISTS fully support the AZOV NAZIS in Ukraine. Therefore, this supposed shooter, Payton is 100% OWNED by the Leftist Americans and their GOPe allies.

It is DISGUSTING that ANY American supports this NAZI chit!!!!!!!!How dare ANY American person support the same evil element that our Grandfathers fought. You filthy, disgusting, treacherous maggots. DIE!

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City by city to Europe’s destruction: The Islamization of Belgium’s cities is underway – The Demographic Jihad in Europe: A Template for America’s Destruction Via Illegal Immigration + Foxes in the Demster Hen-house!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

FOR over 2 decades, this investigative journalist has been emitting a clarion call, warning, about a dual-track danger to America in specific, and to Europe in general. But before this analysis delves any further, know this, too: Israel is deep in the cross-hairs of an Islamic domestic bomb — in too many ways to count!

NOW that the above unvarnished truth is undeniably established, it is beyond imperative for freedom-loving citizens of America (and Europe in toto) to internalize what is happening right under their noses and take immediate, effective remedial action. This is so, first and foremost, in terms of the purposeful economic devastation being waged — after all, those who can’t afford to feed their families, well, they are hardly strong enough to…

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democrats-illegal aliens-baby formula shortage- american citizen (Video)

democrats-illegal aliens-baby formula shortage- american citizen

boudica001 Published May 16, 2022
*Language. Democrats under the Biden administration are amid a baby formula shortage stockpiling pallets of baby formula along the southern border to give to criminal aliens at the expense of the American Citizen. The Republicans are no better, spineless anti American cowards. Stand up, speak out and throw all these bastards out.