City by city to Europe’s destruction: The Islamization of Belgium’s cities is underway – The Demographic Jihad in Europe: A Template for America’s Destruction Via Illegal Immigration + Foxes in the Demster Hen-house!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

FOR over 2 decades, this investigative journalist has been emitting a clarion call, warning, about a dual-track danger to America in specific, and to Europe in general. But before this analysis delves any further, know this, too: Israel is deep in the cross-hairs of an Islamic domestic bomb — in too many ways to count!

NOW that the above unvarnished truth is undeniably established, it is beyond imperative for freedom-loving citizens of America (and Europe in toto) to internalize what is happening right under their noses and take immediate, effective remedial action. This is so, first and foremost, in terms of the purposeful economic devastation being waged — after all, those who can’t afford to feed their families, well, they are hardly strong enough to…

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