COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche Of Neurological Diseases

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

COVID Jab Vial AFLDS Photo (From AFLDS post 11/2021)

Here’s a quote of the first paragraph of a Great Game India article entitled, “COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche Of Neurological Diseases”:

Citing several studies, Stephanie Seneff claims COVID vaccines may bring on an avalanche of neurological diseases and says the vaccine may be worse than the disease itself.”

If you have been attention to the massive coverup of truth/facts being called lies, you can join me and respond with a resounding – “DUH!”

If one you are one of the way-too-many Sheeple believing the lies told by control-freak Globalist Science liars whose ONLY agenda is to shove some kind of psycho Fascist-Marxist transformed New World Order down your throat – “WAKE UP!”

AND NOW THE ARTICLE on Jab problems.

JRH 5/16/22

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