All Powerful Trump Endorsement? Not Quite!

The Lone Cactus

Most of the results from yesterday’s primary are in. Most of Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates across the primaries did pretty well, but not all. In fact, it’s safe to say that the biggest endorsement of the night kind of fell flat.

That would have belonged to Mehmet Oz in the GOP primary for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

Oz is deadlocked in an assured recount as the absentee ballots are opened today and probably for the rest of the week. Oz and David McCormick are less than 0.5% apart after the initial votes were counted, with Republican upstart Kathy Barnette trailing the pair by about 6 points. Trump put a lot of effort into backing Oz, including a Pennsylvania rally last week. But when the initial vote count was done, Oz had 31.3% of the vote to McCormick’s 31.1%. Barnette had 26.2%.

In the race for the GOP nomination for…

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