Today’s Primaries To Watch

The Lone Cactus

That’s going to depend on who you listen to. There are a bunch of people out there on the GOP side that are screaming that the vote today in Pennsylvania is critical to the Republicans taking over the Senate next year. The Trump-endorsed candidate is Dr. Mehmet Oz, yeah…the TV doctor. He got the Trump endorsement over a slew of other candidates. But hang on to your hats…not all is happy in Trumpland.

Kathy Barnette is a black conservative also running for the nomination. and she’s been scoring a lot of points recently. I saw an interview of people attending Trump’s PA rally, in which they weren’t really thrilled with Oz, but preferred Barnette. A Fox News poll released last Tuesday showed Oz with only a 2 point lead over Barnette, 21-19. The local Fox affiliate in Philadelphia did their own poll on the same day, showing the same results…

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