‘Womxn’ – ‘Michelle Obama trampling women’s rights’ …. The spin-meisters keep rollin’ on …. More than meets the eye ….

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

TALK about missing the mark …. oh boy …. oh girl!

ON its face, the premise coming out of Sky News Australia is sound. In other words, the obsessive, PC orthodoxy screeching from so-called feminist quarters harm women in ways in which the biggest misogynists could never accomplish. Dream.

IN fact, by demanding that biology is anything (and everything) this one and that one conjures up, well, the wonders of womanhood are as disposable as soiled feminine hygiene products. You got that?  Ditto manhood. As a consequence (and outgrowth) to said PC mania, many of the inherently bio-driven male traits — which are so attractive to hetero women — are not only tossed aside but castrated, if you will. Indeed, the traditional family is torn asunder — and that’s the goal.

AS per the reference to “missing the mark”, it is a wild understatement. Actually, let’s be…

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