Christian Student Stoned to Death and Set on Fire for Blasphemy (Video)

Christian Student Stoned to Death and Set on Fire for Blasphemy

boudica001 Published May 20, 2022

Christian Student Stoned to Death and Set on Fire for Blasphemy

Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, a Christian student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, Nigeria, was beaten, stoned to death, and her body set on fire by Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar.” She was killed over a false accusation of blasphemy against Muhammad.

For the Morning Star News article quoted in this video (“Christian Student in Sokoto, Nigeria Stoned to Death”), click here:


Citizen Tom

When I commented on this post, What Is Wrong With Atheism?, loshne responded with this link.

Apparently, loshne thinks The Spartan Atheist knows what he is talking about. So, I decided to find out why these Atheists think we are idiots when we call Atheism a religion.

Is Atheism a religion? I wrote a post, THE DOCTRINE OF ATHEISM, several years ago claiming Atheism is a religion. Of  course, Google points to all kinds of articles that address the issue of whether or not Atheism is a religion.  This one, Is atheism a religion?, points to the obvious. Atheism fits the definition of a religion.  So, I won’t rehash those arguments. Instead, I will just explain what is wrong with The Spartan Atheist’s post.

So, let’s begin.  After “establishing” that “Atheism is a religion” is a common belief amongst various religious groups (because the phrase…

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Is Russia Still A Super Power?

The Lone Cactus

There is a very good argument being made that no…while Russia still has boatloads of nuclear weaponry in it’s arsenal, that they really are proven almost daily that they are not what the experts would call a “super power” when it comes to it’s war machine.

Russia is basically fighting Ukraine. Ukraine has a total fighting force of 11.1 million personnel that are available to fight a war. Russia on the other hand has 34.8 million personnel. Russia spends just shy of $62 billion on it’s military. Ukraine spends $5.4 billion. So, why is it that Russia, according to British intelligence, has lost a third of it’s ground forces in it’s invasion of Ukraine?

Russia has not done well in it’s last two wars that it’s taken part in. They fought for a decade in Afghanistan, learning the hard lesson that countless armies before it (and since) have learned. Afghanistan…

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Looking At The Shiny Coin Over Here…

The Lone Cactus

Here’s a question, and I’m not sure everyone can get the answer to it. What does the party in charge of Congress do when they realize they are up for a very tough election year? Well, truth be told, they do a LOT of things. But there are a few things that stand out.

They can try to win over your vote by passing a short-term tax cut. But the current keepers of Congress don’t believe in tax cuts, so that probably wouldn’t happen. They can pass massive spending bills (more their style) that spend billions of dollars on things that you would notice, and they can take credit for. Or, they can do the “Potomac Two-Step”.

Now, if you’re a fan of Tom Clancy, and you remember the phrase being used in “Clear & Present Danger”, you’re kind of on the right track here. What they do is feign…

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Govt. Science Greed & Lies

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© May 20, 2022

Things are getting crazy twisted by whoever actually controls the U.S. Government. At age sixty-five it feels like another dose of 1960s NEVER trust Big Brother Government and the increasingly Fascist-Marxist nature of Corporate America in collusion with ONE-WORLD Government Globalists to end individual thinking, individual Liberty and individual Laissez-Faire choices.

[Of interest further reading – The Radical Socialist Roots of Fascism: Fascism is a form of socialism. As such, it does not engage in a fight between left and right, but between different leftists ideologies; By EMMANUEL RINCÓN; El American; 3/27/21]

It should be evident to at least those paying some attention Dem-Marxists (aka the Democratic Party) have been lying for decades and since the Obama years has planted unelected Dem-Marxist bureaucrats to keep political power (Trump was their unexpected monkey wrench) and COVID fearmongering (

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Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers (Video)

Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers

boudica001 Published May 21, 2022

Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers

Natural News) Today’s Situation Update podcast is one of the most important of this year. It explains how the domestic food supply is being militarized and controlled by a corrupt, criminal regime in Washington D.C. that now threatens food security for all Americans.

To address the infant formula shortage that’s causing widespread frustration and even panic across America, the illegitimate Biden regime has invoked Korean War-era emergency powers found in the Defense Production Act, which is administered by FEMA. That act, originally intended to allow emergency executive action to shore up critical infrastructure during times of war, is now being used by the Biden regime to seize control over food supply raw materials and force companies to deliver them to Abbott Laboratories to manufacture large quantities of heavily processed, junk food “infant formula” made with corn syrup solids and processed milk proteins.

Because this effort simply redirects existing food materials, this does not actually solve any food shortages in America, it merely shifts the shortages from one product category to another.

It also stands as a centrally-planned food distribution plan that resembles communism, not free market dynamics.

Furthermore, it means that as other food shortages emerge in the months ahead, the Biden regime will almost certainly invoke the DPA to seize control of other food materials, making sure favored corporations get supply while dissident companies and small businesses are driven into bankruptcy due to lack of supply.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, where nothing is safe from the catastrophically bad ideas of the Biden regime and its desire to destroy everything in sight, including food abundance and affordable fuel.

Energy prices surging due to Biden policies (Video)

Energy prices surging due to Biden policies

boudica001 Published May 20, 2022

Energy prices surging due to Biden policies
UPDATED 10:51 AM PT – Thursday, May 19, 2022

American’s are struggling to pay for and even find some basic necessities under the Biden administration. One America’s Chloe Hauxwell has more.

Putin Adviser Maxim Oreshkin: “Global Hunger” Would Begin In Late 2022. “Ill-Thought Out Policies” By US & EU

The Mad Jewess

Putin Adviser Maxim Oreshkin: “Global Hunger” Would Begin In Late 2022. “Ill-Thought Out Policies” By US & EU

You can thank Joe Diapers and his Ventriloquist, son of perdition, Barack Hussein Obama for this. It’s all in the bible. People: You had better get prepared. Rice..Beans. Water.At Channels TV


  • Tens of millions of Americans are facing widespread rolling electricity blackouts from the Great Lakes to the West Coast as a result of megadroughts, heatwaves, and reduced power generation, according to Bloomberg.


Not a Morrison fan… but many AINT gonna make it out alive…

Warning:These things are NOT going away. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible:The King…

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MonkeyPox OR Shingles? Will The Commie/Globalist Beast System Count Shingles As #MonkeyPox To Instill Fear?

The Mad Jewess

MonkeyPox OR Shingles? Will The Commie/Globalist Beast System Count Shingles As #MonkeyPox To Instill Fear?

Below is “Healthsite”, which is considered to be ‘accurate’. Also below is Queensland Health from AU. Note the same photo for Monkey Pox as Shingles…

Makes one wonder if they are going to count Shingles as Monkeypox to drive everyone to get another vaccine….Also: Study Says Shingles May Be A Side Effect Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

Inquiring minds wanna know… I’ll be watching.

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