Is Russia Still A Super Power?

The Lone Cactus

There is a very good argument being made that no…while Russia still has boatloads of nuclear weaponry in it’s arsenal, that they really are proven almost daily that they are not what the experts would call a “super power” when it comes to it’s war machine.

Russia is basically fighting Ukraine. Ukraine has a total fighting force of 11.1 million personnel that are available to fight a war. Russia on the other hand has 34.8 million personnel. Russia spends just shy of $62 billion on it’s military. Ukraine spends $5.4 billion. So, why is it that Russia, according to British intelligence, has lost a third of it’s ground forces in it’s invasion of Ukraine?

Russia has not done well in it’s last two wars that it’s taken part in. They fought for a decade in Afghanistan, learning the hard lesson that countless armies before it (and since) have learned. Afghanistan…

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