Do YOU Want Liberty or No Liberty?

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

May 26, 2022

I’ve got three cross posts I hope you find interesting enough to digest to comprehend the world the American Founding Fathers hoped to frame has been whittled away for decades. Whittled so grotesquely that the whittlers of Liberty’s total annihilation DO NOT even hide their actions any longer believing the Sheeple are so hooked to obedience, total transformation of the masses is nearly complete.

Perhaps there are still enough naysayers willing to withstand the onslaught of complete tyranny – I DON’T KNOW? Do you?

JRH 5/26/22

READER SUPPORTED! I need Readers willing to…

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June Is Rue21’s “Say Gay” Barforama. A Real Puke-Fest

The Mad Jewess

June @ Rue21’s “Say Gay” Barforama, Real Puke-Fest

June is the pathetic month that poop chute-lovers celebrate butt-worship & “Luv my carpet” praisers celebrate the ‘g’od of the Lesbos. I saw it displayed on the posters the other day at the store. Just another establishment I won’t frequent. Im sick of the sexual deviancy on parade and ‘in ya face’.

My Mom, on the other hand is so sick and tired of the militancy that she went in to the store and told everyone off about the “Say Gay” modus operandi. The workers replied that she ‘hated gays’. She, in turn said that her Uncle was the ‘queen of the bay’ in his gay hey-day and proceeded to start walking out when she replied: “I’m sick of this being shoved on everyone”, “My Uncle never did this chit”. She was animated and angry..

At any rate, here is one…

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We Toldya ‘Bout US GOVT Interfering In #PAKISTAN In April. Now, The Paki’s Are Protesting Against Jo-Bama’s Regime Change

The Mad Jewess

We Toldya About US GOVT Interfering In #PAKISTAN In April. Now, The Paki’s Are Protesting Against Jo-Bama’s Regime Change

We posted about the US led regime change in April 2022: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan Says: ‘Foreign Backed Coup In Paki Led Covertly By The United States.’ ( I DON’T DOUBT IT)

Unrest in Pakistan as Khan Supporters March on Capital

Commie News Network claims they don’t know anything about it: Exclusive: Pakistan’s Imran Khan doubles down on unfounded claim that US plotted his downfall

If a country is out there accusing the US government of changing regimes, they have a valid complaint. Our government is a fascist, evil, ‘treading down’ the earth machine. Someone needs to stop this. Please LORD: Stop the US Government in Jesus mighty name.

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Globalists have entered the kill phase of Great Reset; Remember the Deagel population forecast? It now makes total sense

This was a big week for the globalists. They feel it’s their time, go time, to launch the most difficult phase of the Great Reset so they can get on with what they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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boudica001 Published May 25, 2022

What is going on?


Monkeypox — Have no fear, big pharma’s on the scene to save the day with more vaccines!

H/T Arlin Report

Dr. John Reizer

Here we go again! Another infectious disease has made its way into the mainstream news. This time Monkeypox is the alleged terrorist and gaining the attention of citizens in the United States and other countries very fast.

Once more, big pharma has the situation under control and our best interests in mind. The medical profession’s advice never changes; take more vaccines!

Every few months, another microbial threat will be announced, and people will be strongly encouraged to get jabbed with more bioweapons.

The traditional vaccines of yesteryear so many people received were bad enough and caused the proliferation of cancers and autoimmune diseases prevalent in modern society. The new mRNA vaccine products being doled out are much more dangerous.

Monkeypox appears to be the newest problem that the gullible public will react to, and big pharma will provide a life-saving vaccine solution for the umpteenth time. Are…

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Preventing school shootings … — Live Free Or Die

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

That there are people willing to murder children is not new, but radicals in control of the schools continue to refuse to do the obvious thing. We use guns to protect ourselves, our families, politicians, famous people, and property – because it works. It’s insane that we don’t protect the children the same way. Who […]

Preventing school shootings … — Live Free Or Die

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Yesterday we were watching 3 of my grandchildren (my daughter’s children). The oldest just 7 (boy), a 5 year old (boy) and a 3 year old (girl going on 23). My daughter was attending a funeral that day of her grandfather (her mom’s father, my ex-wife). The 7 year old was at school, and I had taken the 5 year old earlier in the day to his afternoon pre-school class (he will will in kindergarten this fall). I went to pick them up at the end of their school day and we returned home (to grandpa’s house) around 5:00 PM. The news was on the TV, grandma Jo (which is what they call her) wasn’t really paying attention to the news, she was playing with the 3 year old.

The news had the “special report” message……….and this is when I learned 14 elementary students were shot and killed in Texas…

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Citizen Tom

It has been thousands of years since Sparta existed as an independent city-state, but the courage and toughness of its warriors is still admired. I suppose that is why “The Spartan Atheist” blog has the name it has.

Why else would”The Spartan Atheist” demonstrate an affinity for the Spartans? Perhaps that is because there is so little difference between Paganism and Atheism. Most Atheists effectively practice Paganism. Today we effectively call Paganism by a different name, Atheism. Instead of worshipping gods to which they offer sacrifices in order to get what they want, most of today’s Pagans skip idols made of wood, stone and metal. Instead, they directly worship stuff, sex, science, state, and/or self.

What does this sort of Paganism look like? Consider Citizen Tom: No Thinking Allowed.

This is merely a quick heads up to anyone that thinks Citizen Tom has any intellectual integrity at all. He…

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EXTRA! Not So Great Trump Night

The Lone Cactus

Donald Trump has basically breezed through this primary season with his endorsements. Oh, there have been the occasional bumps, like the Lt. Governor in Idaho getting thumped by the incumbent. But overall, Trump had won far more than he lost.

Until last night.

It wasn’t a very good night for Donald Trump (though that’s a strange comment when you think about it seeing how he wasn’t on the ballot anywhere!) Trump got beat when his endorsed candidates got whipped in a few races. David Perdue got beat by incumbent Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp by a 3 to 1 margin. Trump had blasted Kemp for his reactions to the vote in Georgia in 2020 where Trump felt he had the vote stolen from him there and the state officials, all Republicans failed to come to his aid.

In a down-ballot race, Trump had endorsed Georgia Representative Jody Hice against incumbent Secretary…

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