12 of Biden’s 13 amendments to strengthen World Health Organization withdrawn; seen as ‘temporary’ setback to global governance plans


We may have dodged a bullet. At least for now.

The United Nations World Health Organization has withdrawn 12 of the 13 amendments submitted by the Biden administration to the currentInternational Health Regulations(IHRs) at the World Health Assembly annual meeting this week in Geneva, Switzerland.

But this may only amount to a temporary reprieve.

The Assembly continues through May 28, and the 12 amendments could be resubmitted, but as of right now they are dead in the water. Biden’s team in Geneva has failed to garner a consensus on these amendments, which would crush national sovereignty in favor of an all-powerful U.N. global health body.

Until this Assembly adjourns we cannot claim victory, and even if it does adjourn it’s only a temporary victory. They will come back with another round of amendments even if they need to call a special meeting, and there is already some conjecture…

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