‘War Zone’ at U.S.-Mexico Border (Video)

‘War Zone’ at U.S.-Mexico Border

boudica001 Published May 26, 2022

‘War Zone’ at U.S.-Mexico Border
that’s it .. just sit there and do nothing

*Strong Language


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Check Out The Bravest Gun Rights Speech You’ll Ever See


MAY 26, 2022

Vikki Buckley

Secretary of State Vikki Buckley welcomed the NRA conference attendees to Colorado with a breathtaking speech on gun rights.

Author Mollie Hemingway profile


The National Rifle Association is hosting its leadership summit in Houston on Friday. Following a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school Tuesday, many corporate media outlets are suggesting politicians should cancel their planned speeches there.

ABC Newstweeted:


“Houston Mayor Says He Can’t Cancel NRA Convention After School Massacre,” wroteBloomberg. “Trump will keep ‘longtime commitment’ to Texas NRA event despite school shooting,” wrote theNew York Post.

Why would an organization of law-abiding defenders of the U.S. Constitution cancel an event on account of a horrific school shooting committed by an individual with no regard for constitutional principles, readers might ask. Nevertheless, the pressure from the media and…

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Because Evil

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See, there's this thing called biology...

I am like that small child that just always has to know “why.” Yes but, why? I am really grateful God so patiently and so faithfully answers the vast majority of my “whys.” He really does, too. I can count on one hand the number of times He has said something like, you can’t know that, not yet. Or, I can’t answer that because you’re asking the wrong question.

The hardest answer to a “why” for me was actually, “because they believe it is acceptable and they think they can get away with it.” I’m a fixer, a problem solver, a preventer of issues, so an answer like that is just so unsatisfactory. What do you mean, they just choose to do it??

The idea that people can deliberately choose to do evil just doesn’t compute in my brain…..or in my heart. I assume they must be mentally ill…

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It’s Official!

The Lone Cactus

The entire political crowd inside the beltway is talking about Joe Biden, and not in a good way. The latest Associated Press poll came out, one of the few that basically had Biden still simmering at 41%. But that was before the latest monthly poll came out. He has dropped down to 39%. That’s lower than Donald Trump at this point in his tenure, and it’s lower than where he was a year ago in the AP poll by about 24%! That’s right. Last April, Biden’s poll numbers were at 63% approval! You almost have to try to become the least popular president in American history to top that!

And the rest of the news wasn’t as good for the 46th president. Only two in ten Americans said the country was on the right track, down from three in ten last time around. What’s really interesting is when you get…

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Has There Been ONE Day Since 2008 That The Radical Commie-Crats Haven’t Attacked Us?

The Mad Jewess

Has There Been ONE Day Since 2008 That The Radical Commie-Crats Haven’t Attacked Us?

Every day, its the same thing: Attack, accuse, point fingers, call us racists, Nazi’s, bigots, xeno, fat, white trash, trailer park trash, inbred, redneck, closed minded, gay haters, ETC. It’s like there is not ONE day where these reprobate, bottom-feeding, pond scum devils aren’t on the offense against ordinary Americans. We’re on the total defense here.

I remember when I was young, the news was only on from 6PM-7PM. There were no ‘opinion shows’, ‘talk shows’, etc. Just the news. No attacking fellow Americans. Now, it’s non-stop attack against traditional America. All day, every day.

Is this how you Leftists want to live life? Just attack your fellow man/woman? Because that’s what you do. What kind of Mothers are you? Fathers? Uncles? Is this how you do your own family also? Just attack and accuse? You’re…

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CDC Quietly Fires Monkeypox Deniers …. Covid Redux!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

AS reported recently, the conveniently timed arrival of monkeypox is hardly as advertised. Far from it.

BY now, as per the 2 plus years re covid this and covid that, few should be shocked, shocked by politicized manipulation of so-called data to suit political ends. Been there, done that.

AND so it goes. Round round the deep state and globalist agenda.


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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | May 26, 2022

The Centers for Disease Control has quietly begun firing employees who won’t toe the agency’s monkeypox narrative, a CDC whistleblower told Real Raw News.

The whistleblower, a tenured research scientist at the National…

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