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May 29, 2022

Something About School Shootings

By Clarice Feldman at American Thinker:

Every mass school shooting strikes terror in parents’ hearts and grief in the communities in which they occur. You might from press coverage have the idea that they are a regular occurrence, but, in fact, they remain rare –13 mass school shootings since 1966.

Still,like all seemingly incomprehensible tragedies it causes a search for meaning. After all, people my age went to schools where there were rifle clubs. Kids in those clubs regularly brought their weapons to school, and yet there weren’t any school shootings. (I expect in some rural areas of the country this may still be the case.)

What is common, as it is in all tragic events, is the jumbling of facts and the need to wait a few days for a clearer picture. The best information I can find right now…

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Body Count Grows as Woman Found Dead in Arkansas River With Ties to Bill Clinton Former Campaign Manager

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Tweet The numbers just keep adding up with those with connections to the Clintons, and yet another murder has been discovered. The following is from …

Body Count Grows as Woman Found Dead in Arkansas River With Ties to Bill Clinton Former Campaign Manager

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Citizen Tom

The miles Christianus allegory (mid 13th century), showing a knight armed with virtues and facing the vices in mortal combat. The parts of his armour are identified with Christian virtues, thus correlating essential military equipment with the religious values of chivalry: The helmet is spes futuri gaudii (hope of future bliss), the shield (here the shield of the Trinity) is fides (faith), the armour is caritas (charity), the lance is perseverantia (perseverance), the sword is verbum Dei (the word of God), the banner is regni celestis desiderium (desire for the kingdom of heaven), the horse is bona voluntas (good will), the saddle is Christiana religio (Christian religion), the saddlecloth is humilitas (humility), the reins are discretio (discretion), the spurs are disciplina (discipline), the stirrups are propositum boni operis (proposition of good work), and the horse’s four hooves are delectatio, consensus, bonum opus, consuetudo (delight, consent, good work, and exercise). (

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What Strategic Ambiguity?

The Lone Cactus

Once again, when Joe Biden is meeting with the media, he has stepped in it, making his Communications Department at the White House work overtime. This time, Biden, during his Asian tour, was in Japan, when he was asked if Taiwan were invaded would the US respond militarily? Now, you have to understand the parsing that the reporter was getting at. She was basically saying, would the US go to war with China and help defend Taiwan if China decided to invade? Biden’s answer was a simple on word answer: “Yes”. He did go on to say that the US had made a commitment to supply military weapons to Taiwan and that we would live up to our commitment.

But oh, did the White House go into overdrive again on a Biden gaffe.

The Secretary of Defense, the White House Communications team, and anyone else they could roust out of…

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We Celebrate Today For A Reason

The Lone Cactus

And that reason isn’t a cookout. Nor is it a trip to the beach, or an amusement park. It’s not about going to the lake and celebrating the “first day of Summer”.

Today is to celebrate those that have made us free.

Today is for the people that left their lives, the wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, kids and kids to be and went off to war. They unselfishly put their country ahead of themselves. And they did so knowing full well of the dangers that they may not come back home. For the people we celebrate today, they didn’t come back home. They may have died in Europe, or southeast Asia, they may have died during a special mission in the Middle East. Maybe it was a Gulf War, or Afghanistan. Maybe they fought the Germans, or the Japanese, or the Taliban. It didn’t matter.

What mattered most…

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WEF: The New Fascist-Corporatist-Leftist Tyranny

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© May 30, 2022

Have you ever heard of Antifa? That Communist anti-American violent organization was in the news often while Trump was President. In case you were unaware, Antifa is the short of Anti-Fascist (A Brief History of Antifa, Parts ONE & TWO). It had its beginnings as a Soviet plant in Germany to resist Hitler’s Nazism which history paints incorrectly as an extremist Right-Wing ideology. HELLO! “NAZI” was an acronym of the German which in English is National Socialism. So duh … Socialism is Left-Wing. The Nazi and Fascist twist of Socialism is the involvement of Marxist oriented Corporatism managed by the Elitist State. The added Nazi Leftist twist is racial superiority eugenics aspect in the Elitists which groups of people are worthy to live based on race and economics. The less worthy will serve the more worthy and the very…

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Pelosi’s Been BARRED From Communion At 4 Dioceses Now. REPENT NANCY PELOSI. STOP Defying HaShem/GOD

The Mad Jewess

Pelosi’s Been BARRED From Communion At 4 dioceses. REPENT NANCY PELOSI. STOP Defying HaShem/GOD

Seriously…if apostate, Nancy Pelosi does not repent, ASAP.. She may just croak and then be FORCED to meet her Maker, the LORD of Hosts is his name. I had a dream about Pelosi, there she was drown in a puddle of muddy water. Also I remember her being ‘drowned’ in effigy. Meaning? The Lord may drown her in the sorrow of her sins or just drown her? She is a very evil woman.

We wrote about Pelosi using God’s words in vain and then BOOM – a Bishop rebuked her and now 3 more have rebuked her. I am really serious.. It might be her end very soon: NANCY PELOSI: STOP REFERRRING TO THE LORD, YOU EVIL JEZEBEL. The fact that these 4 Bishops have rebuked her and we prayed (on this blog) against her evil…

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God’s Calamity Has Fallen On the House Of Pelosi. REPENT Nancy Pelosi, ASAP

The Mad Jewess

God’s Calamity Has Fallen On the House Of Pelosi. REPENT Nancy Pelosi, Repent To This Nation – ASAP

Now, Pelosi’s husband has been arrested for a DUI and an accident: Pelosi’s Husband Arrested for DUI

There are now 4 Bishops that have barred Nancy Pelosi from receiving Communion. In essence, these particular Bishops are telling Pelosi, point blank that she is OUT of Communion & fellowship with Yeshua the Messiah/Jesus Christ and now the calamity of the LORD our GOD has fallen on her house.


This is very serious. It IS life or death. The fact that these 4 Bishops have rebuked Pelosi is grave. We have prayed (on this blog) against her evil mouth. This is a confirmation that the LORD has been patient long enough with Pelosi. This is very serious.

I humbly ask…

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