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The Lone Cactus

I have always believed that politics is nothing more than a pendulum swinging in this country. First it swings to the right, then it swings to the left, then back to the right, and so on. That’s because Americans in this country are basically moderate. Oh, it’s a slightly right of center country, but not by much. So, when Republicans are in charge of government, they usually go “too far” for the moderates, who want the freebies that Democrats offer. When the Democrats take over, the moderates realize that there is a steep price for all of those freebies. And it’s back to the right again.

We had our swing to the left in 2020 when Biden and company got elected. Dems’ basically held Congress (though not by more than the skin of their unbrushed teeth). And you’re seeing the results of that swing here in 2022.

We’ve taken some…

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Could be Time to Apply 1776 Solutions to 21st Century Tyranny

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© June 29, 2022

I Telegram. My Telegram Channel:

I subscribe to what I describe as a plethora (because I don’t want to count) of Telegram channels.

One of those channels (sorry, can’t remember which one) shared a Tik Tok video which I put on my Bitchute Channel under the name, “LADY SPEAKS TRUTH NOT NEWSPEAK.” I literally have no idea who she is but it was one of the most awesome two-minutes & 50-seconds I’ve watched in a long time. Here is that video with the description to it:


Posted by SlantRight2

First published June 29th, 2022 14:44 UTC

I forwarded this to myself from Telegram. I forgot to write which Telegram Channel. But whichever one it was, they got it from Tik Tok. I don’t Tik Tok…

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I’m So Glad Dave & I Didn’t Take “PAXLOVID”, The Prescription Med For Commie-Covid

The Mad Jewess

I’m So Glad Dave & I Didn’t Take “PAXLOVID”, The Prescription Med For Commie-Covid

Look how Fauci-Snauchi got sicker: Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’

We probably would not have even gotten Commie-Vid if I had not gone to the Dentist. The Doc was sick with a cold or the flu, or whatever Covid is and we caught it. We’re doing OK but this thing just lingers. Makes my stomach feel like chit! My voice is gone like laryngitis and so is Dave’s.

At any rate, I am up more and running around the house, checking on my bunnies and trying to get Dave to read me the bible. 🙂

Thank you folks for your continued prayers!Truly.

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Elmo’s a liar: Iconic puppet pushes clot shots for kids

The children’s propaganda outlet known asSesame Streetis using its Elmo character to promote death jabs for little kids, toddlers and even babies as young as 6 months old.

First they used Big Bird, but Elmo is apparently younger than 6 because he’s just now getting his first jab, no doubt the first of many, many shots that will kill his natural immune system and make him vulnerable to all sorts of sickness and disease, if it doesn’t kill him prematurely of a heart attack or stroke.

We can also rest assured that there won’t be any little Elmos in the future because Elmo’s Covid shot serves as an instrument of eugenics, likely reducing his sperm count and making him infertile, as a study out of Israel has confirmed.

But Elmo got his shot anyway because the “experts” at the CDC and FDA now say it’s OK for kids…

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The media is LYING to you about George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant (Video)

The media is LYING to you about George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant

boudica001 Published June 22, 2022

The Grim Reaper Is Coming For…

The Lone Cactus

Well, it doesn’t appear to be Joe Biden or K-baby Harris. At least not yet. It appears to be coming for a cable news entity that has recently fallen on hard times.

He’s coming for CNN.

Now, before we get into the meat of this, let me explain something that people in media understand, but the rest of society probably doesn’t, or at the very least, could care less about. When there is a programming change in either radio or television, there is a time that you want to blow up your current demographic before you start building your new demographic. Let’s say that you are a country music radio station and you want to go hip-hop. I don’t know why you would do that, but humor me. You need to get rid of the country music fans before you actually switch formats. So, you may play the same song…

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Michael Stenger, Assassinated. He Had “Newly Obtained Evidence” Re. #JAN6 Witch Hunt & The GOP Does NOTHING.

The Mad Jewess

Michael Stenger, Assassinated. He Had “Newly Obtained Evidence” Re. #JAN6 Witch Hunt& The GOP Does NOTHING.

This says it all: (Hat tip, Tiff)

In DC, if one can prove the Commies or the Deep State players of foul play…they just end up dead. I pray DC BURNS to the ground. Even if the Leftists burn it, I couldn’t care less.

Dear Heavenly Father: Please bring this whole assassination to the light and expose everything in Jesus mighty name.

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The Cackling Demons On The View Were Foaming At The Mouth Over Coach Prayer/SCOTUS Decision

The Mad Jewess

The Cackling Demons On The View Were Foaming At The Mouth Over Coach Prayer/SCOTUSDecision



Whoopi was really angry and her demons were writhing over the SCOTUS decision. Sandi Hostin claims to be Catholic. She claimed: “I cant force people to believe like me”. Ana Navarro, who is also Catholic, said: “We really have to ask ourselves, are you ready to do this for every religion?” she asked, referencing Santeria, a religion whose practices include animal sacrifice.

So, these frothing demons are worried that people who sacrifice animals to satan will break out in animal sacrifice on a field of say, football or soccer.These 4 hags on “The View” are the most miserable witches on TV today. They should bring on Ann Coulter for equal time.

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Former ZAKA Chief Yehuda Meshi Zahav Dies

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

'I will visit my parents' graves to tell them I've been named for the Israel Prize'WITHIN traditional Judaism, upon a person’s demise, it is often followed by the words “Baruch dayan ha’emet”, “Blessed is [the] True Judge.” Had circumstances been different, the passing of the founder of ZAKA would (doubly) merit said veneration.

“ZAKA International Rescue Unit operates at mass casualty incidents around the world. ZAKA is Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization ….. ”

THE two-tier question becomes: Why is this time different? And, even if a person’s accomplishments involve highly positive endeavors, does this affirmative aspect cancel out all of the (physical and spiritual) trauma inflicted upon innocents?? Rhetorical. For instance, if a highly decorated war hero brings the nation to victory, should they be forgiven for betraying the nation, once they enter the political fray? Of course not. In fact, they deserve double punishment — in so far that they inflicted societal harm with the full understanding of the…

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Candace Owens Reacts to AOC Referring to Women as “Menstruating Persons” (Video)

Candace Owens Reacts to AOC Referring to Women as “Menstruating Persons”

boudica001 Published June 22, 2022

Candace Owens Reacts to AOC Referring to Women as “Menstruating Persons”
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently appeared on CNN to discuss the abortion law that passed in Texas, and repeatedly referred to women as “menstruating persons.” Candace Owens weighs in.