CDC Begs Networks for More Moneypox Coverage

Adina Kutnicki

CDC director, under fire for confusing guidance, seeks to reshape messaging  - The Washington Post

THERE is no higher obligation of a so-called democratic leadership, that is, other than securing the safety and the welfare of the citizens. But in today’s America (as well as in a cascading list of western ‘democracies’ …. Canada, anyone?) the opposite is the case.

THIS is so because of the push and pull, more acutely, the tug-of-war, between diametrically opposed forces at work. More specifically, the Biden regime, in reality, Obama 3.0, is ensuring that America, the heretofore greatest democracy in the world, collapses under its own weight.

BUT without veering into a full-on list as to the whys and wherefores, suffice to state: what is good for the people is a losing proposition for the leadership. Indeed, without a full-throttle element of fear (read: never let a good crisis go to waste), their end goal will evaporate: ultimate power and control! Tragic, but no…

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