D’Souza Offers the Likely Reason Fox News Is Not Covering His Documentary ‘2000 Mules’

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 • https://www.westernjournal.com By Randy DeSoto

In the movie, he and True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips argue an illegal ballot harvesting scheme took place in the key swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin during the 2020 general election.

They offer cellphone tracking data and video surveillance footage of ballot drop box locations obtained through public records requests as proof the illicit conduct took place and could have changed the outcome of the presidential race.

Many legacy media outlets have reported on “2000 Mules” — the most successful political documentary released in a decade — either to fact-check or otherwise discredit it, including The New York TimesThe Washington PostReutersPolitico and The Associated Press.

All question that cellphone tracking data provides an accurate way to determine whether someone actually went to a drop box and, if so, whether they illegally…

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Open Mouth…Insert Foot

The Lone Cactus

Sometimes when you try to explain why something isn’t happening like you think it should be, the best course of action to take is to keep your mouth shut. Because a lot of times when you do open your mouth, you say things that make people that have following the topic realize that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

That’s what happened to Joe Biden this past week. On Wednesday, Biden was meeting with manufacturers of baby formula. Now, this has been a sore spot for the White House since early February, when the shelves became bare after Abbott Nutrition closed it’s Michigan plant due to health issues with the baby formula. Now, the plant doesn’t make all of the baby formula in the country, but a significant portion of it.

What made matters worse was Joe Biden decided to go off script. The White House has continuously…

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Pray Sheeple Awaken to Control Tyranny

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

June 4, 2022

Let us PRAY the Sheeple awaken to the FACT the Leftist concept of transformation is a not only a total control change (as in Anti-Liberty, Anti-Christian Morality, Anti-American Heritage and so on), but also forced ways to live (property ownership denied, ways to purchase ANYTHING, acceptable and unacceptable ways to think and so on).

The emerging mysterious FOOD SHORTAGE is an example. I am sharing a post from Kit Knightly I found on Off-Guardian exploring a “created food crisis.”

I follow that by a Bitchute version of Dr. Joseph Mercola giving Naomi Wolf a video platform to discuss “THE LAST STAGE OF A TYRANNICAL TAKEOVER.”

And as a bonus the videos: “‘Safe and Effective’ Is a Complete and Utter Lie: These Shots Provide Negative Protection” AND “Dr. Russell Blaylock: Covid Lies…

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MEDVEDEV: “The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Galloping Ahead”. (So Are The Western War-Mongering Horses Asses!!)

The Mad Jewess

MEDVEDEV: “The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Galloping Ahead”. (So Are The Western War-Mongering Horses Asses!!)

Our government has never met a potential conflict that they don’t want to get their teeth into.


“This isn’t a forecast, but what’s already in play. The horsemen of the apocalypse are galloping ahead and we can only look towards God.”

As the Russians look toward God, the western world, specifically America looks toward men’s anus in their love affair for all things ‘gay’. As Russia prepares for war, America prepares the military in pronouns and…

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DHS Has Notified Catholic Church Bishops Of Credible Threats If Roe Vs Wade Is Overturned?

The Mad Jewess

DHS Has Notified Catholic Church Bishops Of Credible Threats If Roe Vs Wade Is Overturned?

Let the Commie demons go insane. They will anyway. Not being able to fill their vampire lust for babies blood will do that to a person.

Catholic churches: You better be locked n loaded with security.

Some are saying that this warning is a ‘conspiracy’.

It could be.

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Joe’Bama Admin: No Free Lunch In School If The School Will Not Support The Homosexual Agenda

Fu*k Jo’Bama and a bucket full of gays.

The Mad Jewess

Joe’Bama Admin: No Free Lunch In School If The School Will Not Support The Homosexual Agenda

If the school in your neighborhood wants education only, you may have a problem with Joe’Bama’s free lunch program. This is SO Obama. Very aggressive against traditionalism. I really don’t get how anyone can’t see that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

At any rate, if your school refuses to support the carpet munchers and butt lickers….. this is what will happen:

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VIDEO: Chinese Cities Vs American Democrat Cities. (Dont Give Up Your 2nd Amendment)

The Mad Jewess

VIDEO: Chinese Cities Vs American Democrat Cities. (Dont Give Up Your 2nd Amendment)

This will blow you away. But, this is how Commie-Crats run their cities here in USSA… Compare it to CHINA:

Check this one out also:

Even though I really am not ‘into’ guns.. (Yes, we have them) – I do caution any sane person from giving up your arms in a society like America. It is violent here. Just horrible in ANY blue state city and dare I say: MOST American cities.

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SPECIAL REPORT: Was Perkins Coie Involved in The Big Steal?

Adina Kutnicki

[EDITOR’S NOTE: By Adina Kutnicki]

THE evidentiary findings re the selection of Biden as a cut-out POTUS go well beyond any scope required within the context of any legal realm, that is, if all of its agents weren’t part and parcel of the deep state apparatus. For a brief visual overview,

IN fact, it was only recently that additional droppings further secured the indictment supporting The Big Steal

INVARIABLY, certain deep state enablers receive more prime time than others, and this is dependent upon many factors. But few are more enraging than those who hide behind their status as legal practitioners and all the attendant privileges/trappings thereof.

IN any case, henceforth, Michael Sussmann, a liar extraordinaire, must be deemed the poster guy for what ails the so-called legal fraternity —…

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