SPECIAL REPORT: Was Perkins Coie Involved in The Big Steal?

Adina Kutnicki

[EDITOR’S NOTE: By Adina Kutnicki]

THE evidentiary findings re the selection of Biden as a cut-out POTUS go well beyond any scope required within the context of any legal realm, that is, if all of its agents weren’t part and parcel of the deep state apparatus. For a brief visual overview,

IN fact, it was only recently that additional droppings further secured the indictment supporting The Big Steal

INVARIABLY, certain deep state enablers receive more prime time than others, and this is dependent upon many factors. But few are more enraging than those who hide behind their status as legal practitioners and all the attendant privileges/trappings thereof.

IN any case, henceforth, Michael Sussmann, a liar extraordinaire, must be deemed the poster guy for what ails the so-called legal fraternity —…

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