@vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Twitter Sale: She Is REFUSING To Release Info Re. BOT/SPAM Accounts. See Musk Attny Letter:

The Mad Jewess

Feminist Supremacist, @vijaya Gadde Holding Back BILLIONS In Sale Of Twitter. The Board Should FIRE Her:

Dumpster Fire Twitter has a FemiNazi Supremacist issue: Vijaya Gadde. Observe the letter below, written from the Attny’s working on closing the sale. Gadde REFUSES to release the information of the Spam and Bot accounts:

(Right click to see this letter enlarged)

Here it is on FB:

My video on Vijaya:

NO offense to the ladies who frequent the blog…but most women in power are real schmucks. Dorsey should come clean about her. Gadde destroyed his corporation. GROW A PAIR, Jack!!I’m no Elon Musk fan but this is totally unacceptable.

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