Multiple Disney Employees Included In Massive Human Trafficking Sting

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

ABOVE all else, there is a special place in hell-fire reserved for pedos — be they solo diddlers or traffickers. Makes no diff. For once they cross this soul crushing, criminal line, well, the punishment must be so severe that the notion of violating another innocent will become the stuff of their satanic, nihilistic nightmares!

INDEED, anyone familiar with the work of this investigative journalist realizes that the same energy utilized to track and trace Islamic jihadists is afforded to corner all  — wherever they are lurking, be they ensconced in the highest recesses of the food chain to the lowest — pedos. Yes, one example out of countless,


STILL yet, before we segue to the latest beastly fiends, it is not enough to shine a spotlight on  this or that twisted pervert…

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