China – the Belt and Road Initiative (Video)

China – the Belt and Road Initiative,

boudica001 Published June 11, 2022

What is going on?
China – the Belt and Road Initiative,

History and relevance to Humanity today – with Matt Ehret

2024? “I’m Not Even Sure We Can Make It To November” Says Wayne Allyn Root (Video)

2024? “I’m Not Even Sure We Can Make It To November” Says Wayne Allyn Root

boudica001 Published June 11, 2022

Wednesday Memes .. — disturbeddeputy

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Especially read meme 2nd below.

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Wednesday Memes .. — disturbeddeputy

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How’s That Working Out For You?

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden is concerned. He says he is concerned about you, because he feels the pain you’re enduring because of the high gas prices, because of a shortage of baby formula on the shelves of your local supermarkets. He realizes that you’re paying more today than you probably ever did at the cash register when you go into any store. And it bothers him. Oh, I think it’s keeping him awake nights. How else could you explain the fact that nothing is getting done?

Joe Biden is fighting inflation for you! How’s that working out?

Apparently, not so good. The Labor Department on Friday released the latest economy figures. Inflation is now at an annualized rate of 8.6%, up from 8.3% in May. But the rate of inflation month to month jumped a full 1%. That was up from the 0.3% rise in May, and the 0.7% increase that the…

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Oregonians Learning The Hard Way

The Lone Cactus

You gotta credit those people in Oregon. At least they are trying. Oh, they are VERY trying! Remember back about a year and a half ago when Oregonians voted basically 56-44% to legalize street drugs? That legalized heroin, cocaine, meth, and just about any other illicit drug that is out there today. And now Oregonians are learning a lesson that I would have thought most people would have figured would be basic knowledge…

Drug use and overdoses in Oregon have risen dramatically.

Now, Oregon officials are dealing with the problem. They are finding their emergency rooms stacked with people dealing with overdoses. Somehow, they never grasped the concept that if you remove an illegality and make it legal that more people would take part in that activity. And for a state that would seem on the surface anyway to be as “health conscious” as Oregon appears to be to do…

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Believe Actual Science NOT Tainted Globalist Science

The NeoConservative Christian Right

COVID & The mRNA Jab

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© June 14, 2022

As I type this it is June 14. This post is related to actual science as opposed to the increasingly obvious harmful science emanating from doctors and scientists dedicated to the Globalist transformation based Leftist politics and Left-oriented Sociology (as in social-cultural transformation). Admittedly, some of this doctor-scientist dedication might be based on coercion that indicates medical licensing or science employment might be revoked by potential bucking of the party-line.

Examine the information and make your own critical decisions rather than listen to some Big Pharma dominated bureaucrat/medical professional or some WEF-dominated politician-MSM propagandist cry “false” or “misinformation” without any scientific justification for a Globalist believe-me.

The Summary of Cross Posts by Title:

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Proving The Gaslighting “Fact Checkers” Wrong On Gas Prices:

The Mad Jewess

Proving The Gaslighting “Fact Checkers” Wrong On Gas Prices:

This dude is really p’oed. I don’t blame him one bit. However, he proves the stupid, moonbat, ‘fact checking’ teens wrong & ridiculous.

These antichrist demons are trying to ‘transition’ into banning fossil fuels. They do this garbage without our permission. I pray ALL of them drop dead.

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As CommieCrats Worry Abt The Jan 6 Circus, Food Processing Plants Are Burning Down Countrywide (Planned Famine?) I Think So.

The Mad Jewess

As CommieCrats Worry Abt The Jan 6 Circus, Food Processing Plants Are Burning Down (Planned Famine?) I Think So.

The circus show of the Jan 6th hearings continues and is splashed all over the front pages of the media beast. As the media makes much ado about nothing regarding the Jan 6th rightful protest, the food plants are being set on fire intentionally by Joe-BAMA’s Gestapo forces.

Let’s all pretend nothing is happening and maybe we’ll all be OK! 🙂

It’s all planned…so, big daddy govt will take care of us!

Below is the updated list ofU.S. plantsthat have been destroyed by the Communists:

  1. 1/11/21 A fire that destroyed75,000-square-foot processing plantin Fayetteville
  2. 4/30/21 A fire ignited inside theSmithfield Foods pork processing plantinMonmouth, IL
  3. 7/25/21 Three-alarm fire atKellogg plant in Memphis, 170 emergency personnel responded to the call
  4. 7/30/21 Firefighters on Friday battled…

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Elites Hiding In Bunkers: Fulfillment Of Prophecy

The Mad Jewess

Elites Hiding In Bunkers: Fulfillment Of Prophecy

And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every slave, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains. Revelation 6: 15

There are any number of these stories now out on the net regarding elites hiding in bunkers. Click to read this.

Even yesterday, Full Spectrum heard that the devil, Obama is building his own nest:



The Communist, globalist, anti-God, elite filth created this disaster. Disaster shall be their reward. God will not be mocked. He has His own timing for His vengeance. He will pay the wicked leaders. Full monty vengeance. Their time to terrorize will soon become terror upon them. They thought they…

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