Justice in the Holy Land Denied to Jewish Victims of Islamic Terror …. Reserved for the Perpetrators!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

THOSE in the dark re how so-called justice in the Holy Land really operates are forgiven for believing that it is tilted towards the Jewish population, that is, unless one identifies as a radical leftist.  For, in reality, it is absolutely skewed towards the Arab minority, regardless of the heinousness of the attack. Basically, “equal justice under the law” is not part of Israel’s criminal justice system. To hammer it home, if one, heaven forfend, is considered a Zionist, right-wing Jew in Israel, well, to hell with your rights!

BUT don’t just take the word of this American-Israeli investigative journalist, rather, review the sordid evidentiary trails. Btw, they are hardly exhaustive.


MORE tellingly, the following should serve as a…

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