Biden Pro-LGBTQ EO Appears as Antichrist-like Move AGAINST Christians

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

June 18, 2022

On 6/16 I posted on LGBTQ brainwashing (with a focus on children). In sharing that post on social media platforms I ran into an article – without specifying it – is about how the Dem-Marxist Biden Administration has gone full Antichrist mode to protect LGBTQ brainwashing from Christian & Conservative criticism with an Executive Order.

I’m sharing that Harbingers Daily report on the Biden EO (posted 6/17) followed by a Gateway Pundit post (dated 6/16) on the EO subject matter.

JRH 6/18/22

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Biden Signs Trojan Horse Executive Order Taking Aim At Christians, Time-Honored American Values


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