How Dems Are Running For Reelection

The Lone Cactus

Democrats in both the House and the Senate that are running for reelection have a very difficult job ahead of them. Congress is at almost universally historic lows in terms of job approval. The reason is quite simple. Democrats have a hard time passing any legislation, and that which gets through both chambers is so watered down that it doesn’t amount to a warm bucket of spit.

I happen to live in a state that is considered a “toss-up” state for one of those Senators, Mark Kelly of Arizona. He was elected in 2020 because he never identified himself as a Democrat, and he ran against an incredibly weak candidate in Martha McSally, who had been appointed to fill an unexpired term.

So, Kelly is running for reelection in 2022 for a full term. He is going to have his hands full, and he knows it. Currently, polls show him…

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