Candace Owens. YOUR Tax Money Is Paying For This (Video)

Candace Owens. YOUR Tax Money Is Paying For This (Video)

boudica001 Published June 20, 2022

YOUR Tax Money Is Paying For This
The New York Post is reporting that New York City is spending over $200,000 for drag queen story hours at local public elementary schools. Candace reacts.

The Ukraine Narrative Collapses Along w_ COVID-19 & A 2004 HIV_SARS Virus That’s Highly Infectious (Video)

The Ukraine Narrative Collapses Along w_ COVID-19 & A 2004 HIV_SARS Virus That’s Highly Infectious

boudica001 Published June 20, 2022

 “Democrats don’t just mirror our rotting culture, they’re leading the race off the cliff”. 

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MN Prager Discussion Group

June 21, 2022

The Democrats vs. Morality

ByJ. Robert Smith at American Thinker:

The outstanding feature of the Democrat Party is how well it mirrors the descent of the culture. Check that –Democrats don’t just mirror our rotting culture, they’re leading the race off the cliff. That’s what progressivism — the Democrats’ defining worldview — does: it daily leads a once godly and moral nation toward a Grand Canyon-sized hole. Sometimes in tiny steps, other times in sprints. Lately, it’s a sprint.

Progressivism is a catchall for modern decadence — rationalized, deemed fashionable, and pimped by elites. Democrats have become updated versions of debauched Roman emperorCaligulaand his court.

The list of debaucheries Democrats’ champion is long. They offer a dark, vulgar, inverted world: Criminals are victims, and victims are disregarded. Democrat-run cities teem with hoodlums and worse. Cities are becomingillicit drug sanctuaries. The homeless (mentally…

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Biden predicts ‘second pandemic’ — Aletho News

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

NOTE: JOE BIDEN IS THE VIRUS…………(There is a cure!) BTW, the only time Biden is ever right about ANYTHING, is when he has been given information from someone else, AND it has already happened or is already in the works. He doesn’t come up with FACTS on his own. (Arlin Report comment)

Samizdat – June 22, 2022 The US needs more money to plan for “the second pandemic,” President Joe Biden said during a press briefing on Tuesday, as he praised his government’s efforts to ensure children under five can get Covid-19 vaccines. Biden also hailed as “a very historic milestone” that the US has become the[…]

Biden predicts ‘second pandemic’ — Aletho News

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K-Baby’s Mindless Word Salad Strikes Again!

The Lone Cactus

You have to hand it to Vice President, K-baby Harris…when it comes to speaking, she is giving Dan Quayle a run for his money when it comes to making no sense. Quayle, if you’re old enough to remember, was George HW Bush’s veep, and was roundly criticized for his, well, let’s just call it a lack of intelligence. Actually, Quayle was a pretty smart guy, he just couldn’t communicate all that well.

So, this past weekend, K-baby Harris, who’s been known to come up with some of the worst word-salad cases in recorded history, did it again. She was discussing religion (never a good idea when talking to reporters), and comparing religious beliefs to the abortion issue, which will rear it’s ugly head this week in the Supreme Court’s final week of decisions. Here’s what she sad:

“For those of us of faith, I think that we agree, many of…

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Time to Treat Durham Like a Q & Overthrow the Oligarchy

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© June 22, 2022

Once upon a time in America … I was a Q fan. THEN it became evident that EVERY SINGLE Q-Promise/Q-Prediction about President Trump remaining in Office OR reacquiring the Office an Election-Coup stole NEVER HAPPENED! “Follow the plan” was just a bunch of psycho-babble to entice Patriots to await for a good result that would NEVER occur.

I stopped looking at Q-crap.

Although Emerald Robinson’s recent Substack post does not overtly draw Q comparisons, she points out a lot of what I call Q-similarities to imagined Durham indictments which NEVER have come close to the avalanche of indictment justice crooked Dem-Marxists should face for treasonous crimes. I share the cross post.

THEN I share the June 18 post from The Gateway Pundit by Lawrence Sellin that shares some anti-patience thoughts (thus FORGET “Follow the plan”) about restoring the U.S…

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Shot Uvalde Teacher Called Police Officer Husband, Told Him She Was Dying. He Tried To Rescue Her But Was Stopped, Removed From Scene – And His Gun Was Taken.

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

INQUIRING minds demand to know: Could it be that the powers that be (DemonRats and RINOS) “used” this deadly attack to, finally, usher in their real objective, that is, gun control? Could it be that real masculinity — that which allows men to rush to the aid of those in danger — is so abhorred within today’s hyper-deconstruction of gender, even kiddies must be sacrificed upon their vile altars? Ask yourselves: Is it incidental or accidental that their anti-Constitutional “dream” — never mind their jive-talk, their hooey and phooey, too — has been shepherded through Congress, even as this is being written? Ipso facto: On whose hands is the blood of the victims, more aptly, Uvalde’s sacrificial lambs?

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THE BLAZE | By Dave Urbanski | June 22, 2022

Eva Mireles — a teacher who was fatally shot during last month’s…

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