Shot Uvalde Teacher Called Police Officer Husband, Told Him She Was Dying. He Tried To Rescue Her But Was Stopped, Removed From Scene – And His Gun Was Taken.

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

INQUIRING minds demand to know: Could it be that the powers that be (DemonRats and RINOS) “used” this deadly attack to, finally, usher in their real objective, that is, gun control? Could it be that real masculinity — that which allows men to rush to the aid of those in danger — is so abhorred within today’s hyper-deconstruction of gender, even kiddies must be sacrificed upon their vile altars? Ask yourselves: Is it incidental or accidental that their anti-Constitutional “dream” — never mind their jive-talk, their hooey and phooey, too — has been shepherded through Congress, even as this is being written? Ipso facto: On whose hands is the blood of the victims, more aptly, Uvalde’s sacrificial lambs?

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THE BLAZE | By Dave Urbanski | June 22, 2022

Eva Mireles — a teacher who was fatally shot during last month’s…

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