The Grim Reaper Is Coming For…

The Lone Cactus

Well, it doesn’t appear to be Joe Biden or K-baby Harris. At least not yet. It appears to be coming for a cable news entity that has recently fallen on hard times.

He’s coming for CNN.

Now, before we get into the meat of this, let me explain something that people in media understand, but the rest of society probably doesn’t, or at the very least, could care less about. When there is a programming change in either radio or television, there is a time that you want to blow up your current demographic before you start building your new demographic. Let’s say that you are a country music radio station and you want to go hip-hop. I don’t know why you would do that, but humor me. You need to get rid of the country music fans before you actually switch formats. So, you may play the same song…

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