Citizen Tom

The donkey is the Democratic Party’s logo. Is this truly America’s symbol of tolerance?

The Pluralist Oppression humorously makes the point that all the talk about tolerance is largely virtue signaling.

“John, you jerk! We’re living in a pluralistic society! That means you must tolerate everyone else’s views and opinions!”

I’m probably more tolerant than you. Right now, at this very moment, I am tolerating your view that there is such a thing as a ‘pluralistic society.’ I’m peacefully coexisting with you despite your ignorant understanding of reality. We are polar opposites in our views, yet I’m not calling for you to be canceled, punished, ostracized, or executed. You ought to nominate me for a plaque in the ‘Tolerance Hall of Fame!’

You’re not happy about my tone but that’s too bad. Arrogant jerks like me are just as much a part of society as clueless simpletons like you. Your…

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