Welcome To The Recession!

The Lone Cactus

It’s not official yet, but it will be by next week at this time. We are in a recession. According to the Atlanta FED’s GDP Tracker, we saw a shrinkage of the Gross Domestic Product of 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022. And what is going to be announced next week is that in the second quarter of 2022, we are going to see a shrinkage of 2.2%.

That means that yes, Virginia, the United States is officially in a recession.

And that is yet another lie that Joe Biden has been foisting on the American public. Remember Biden saying, “We are booming! We are adding more jobs than any time in history. We are making some incredible gains.” Apparently, Biden has been asleep in the basement. While there are more jobs being added which are not “new jobs”, but old jobs being filled after the economy shut down…

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