This May Have been The Greatest Crime In History … Here We Go Again … New ‘Ninja’ Covid Variant Found!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

IF the crime of the century has to be identified, let there be no doubt: The unleashing of the CHI-COM virus is it. Full-stop. Indeed, the attached videos explain its basis. Alas, there is no need to re-work the wheel, in a manner of speaking.

AND whereas this writer is a highly experienced investigative journalist, there are medical-scientific truths, that is, matters of life and death, best left to real experts, as opposed to the so-called ones. But it is these so-called experts who are counting on a (mostly) ADD-afflicted west to forget their monstrous actions. We will get to that.

EVEN so, it aids to have a loved one who is as well versed in medical matters as one can be — this is the case within. So, when the Mockingbird Media parrots contradictory and nonsensical talking points, there is always a real expert nearby to…

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