China is threatening to shoot our jets out of the sky, and we let them buy mass amounts of farmland near military bases? And control 4/5 ths of the nations meat processing?

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Bill Gates – The BioTerrorist

Step 1 – Put farmers out of business.
Step 2 – Buy cheap farmland.
Step 3 – Control food supplies.
Step 4 – Claim to be the saviour.

Bill Gates is the most dangerous man on the planet right now.

There is something going on with the food supply. Don’t know what it is, but something is up.

Congress is out to lunch. We are on our own.

Jim Roach

“When most people hear the name Bill Gates, the first thing that comes to mind is his work at Microsoft, or his climate change and vaccine initiatives. But it’s his investment in a different field that’s now turning heads: Agriculture.

Last year, it was revealed that Bill Gates had become the single largest farmland owner in America. While quietly amassing more American farmland than any other person on Earth, Gates has also positioned himself as…

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